Age: 33
Hometown: Houston, Tx
Skills: Tattooing (Black & Grey/Lettering), Airbrush, Drawing, and Painting

Danny Blu started tattooing 7 years ago and has mastered the art of tattooing. Ranging from black and grey art to lettering. He's won many awards for his skills including best lettering in Houston, Texas. You can see most of his fine artwork on this site and other sites. While still learning outside his element, he is also acquiring more and more skills such as painting and air brushing. Art is his passion and does not stop at just tattooing. The pencil is also a part of him just like his machines. Drawing different subjects and influences from many different art forms.

Danny stumbled upon tattooing when he was really young. He picked up his uncle's machines one day and just started tattooing himself! From there grew the curiosity and passion for what he does now. Many people have gotten work from him all over Texas and other cities. His main goal is to conquer the tattoo industry one tattoo at a time. Representing Houston, he is motivated by his clients and numerous artists out there in different mediums. Not letting his only restriction being tattooing, he is able to create one of a kind artwork on you or any type of canvas.